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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Preview, now available for download.

Microsoft has released the first Windows 11 preview build. Windows Insiders will be able to download the Windows 11 preview build  22000.51  right away. It includes access to the new Start Menu, multitasking capabilities, and an overhauled Microsoft Store. The official preview consists of an updated File Explorer, which replaces the ribbon with a command bar. This is in contrast to the  previous Windows 11 leaked . The initial preview of Windows 11 will contain most of the visual changes Microsoft revealed last week. The new Start menu features a centered launcher-like interface. This preview also includes rounded corners and improvements to the notification area, volume flyouts, and the OS's notification center and volume flyouts. Windows 11's lock screen will feature a parallax motion effect for those with an accelerometer. The preview includes Windows 11's new themes as well as improvements to dark/light mode settings. In addition, Microsoft has paired all of the latest